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Historic Fusion

Located in the bustling commercial heart of Madrid on Calle Preciados, this store is situated in a prime location, attracting thousands of passersby. The project brings together the historic building at Calle Preciados nº13 with a section of a hotel building at Calle Maestro Vitoria nº 5. The original late 19th-century structure of Calle Preciados has been meticulously restored, preserving its architectural heritage. An intriguing feature of the store design is the vertical glass communication space that connects the two buildings, housing a light staircase supported by vertical glass walls and two fully glass panoramic elevators. The incorporation of verticality is further emphasized by an art installation within the Preciados building's courtyard, enhancing the sense of height and grandeur.


A Minimalist and Impactful Store Design

The goal of the project was to create a visually impactful design, going beyond the ordinary store concept. With a minimal yet visually striking approach, the focus was on utilizing a single natural material for the floors, walls, and ceiling to highlight the store's architecture. This new texture creates a sense of warmth, uniformity, and novelty throughout the space. In contrast, an industrial material, steel, was chosen to display the clothing, forming a neutral and uniform perimeter that emphasizes the products. The intention was to create a neutral space design, ensuring that the clothing and their colors take center stage.


Innovative Elements

Two important elements in the store, the checkout area and the fitting rooms, were carefully studied to stand out within the overall design. The checkout area is located in a "room" at the end of the parallel sections to Maestro Vitoria, defined as a large metallic corner with mirrored ends that enhance the sense of infinity. The floor and backdrop are made of steel, with the counter volume placed within. Connected to the ground floor on a lower level and designed as an organic helicoidal shape, the fitting rooms protrude from the walls, highlighting their position and creating a unique experience for customers. Completing this level is the Click & Collect area, designed to showcase its functional nature while incorporating touches of sophistication through lighting and galvanized steel, creating a contrast with the store's overall materiality.
The furniture used in the store combines warm and cold materials, aligning with the concept. Lacquered iron tube structures are employed for hanging clothes, while stone-looking bases serve as the foundation for the furniture, offering transparency and neutrality to accentuate the products. A series of installations supported by LED screens complement the product displays, providing a tailored shopping experience for each corner and collection.