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Impactful Urban Space in Paris

Bershka Origen at the Forum des Halles in Paris is a store located in a nerve center of the city, serving as a bustling urban transport interchange where thousands of people circulate daily. The store's complex and challenging space has inspired the creation of a new concept. The aim is to make a strong visual impact, going beyond being just another store. With a focus on using minimal but visually powerful elements, the design intends to create a unique and captivating space for the multitude of visitors that pass through this central location.


Embracing Complexity with Earthy Elegance

One of the main challenges of this store lies in its complicated and difficult store space. However, this complexity has become an opportunity to develop an innovative design. To overcome this difficulty, the decision was made to apply a natural material, adobe, on the floors, walls, and ceiling. This choice, which has never been used in a commercial space before, generates a sensation of warmth, uniformity, and novelty throughout the store. In contrast to this earthy material, an industrial material—cold steel—is used for the clothing display. Steel, acting as a neutral and uniform sheet, is employed in an origami-like manner to form the perimeter for showcasing the products.


Simplicity in Design

To highlight two crucial elements in the store—the checkout area and the changing rooms—a dedicated design approach has been taken. The checkout area is positioned at the end of the store's route, serving as a prominent metallic corner with steel floors and walls. This design choice emphasizes the importance of the checkout area and includes voluminous counters and self-payment machines. Facing this area, the changing rooms are designed in an organic helicoidal shape that extends from the walls, clearly indicating their location and providing customers with a new and intriguing experience when they discover and enter them. The furniture selection plays with a combination of warm and cold materials, in line with the overall concept. Lacquered iron tube structures are used for hanging clothes, while stone-looking bases create a transparent and neutral foundation that allows the clothing to take center stage. The numerous setbacks and rooms in the store have been utilized to create installations supported by LED screens, creating a tailored shopping experience for each collection. As a common theme, Bershka Origen draws inspiration from nature, accentuated by small islands strategically arranged throughout the space, adorned with trunks, clothes, and mirrors, transforming them into attractive interior showcases.