Espacio 88

Espacio 88, located in an industrial warehouse in the Poblenou neighborhood.

What it is Espacio 88?

Espacio 88 from Castel Estudio, establishes a dynamic meeting place that adapts and transforms according to the projects with which they collaborate within the field of architecture, design and communication. Espacio 88 is available for private events, filming and exhibitions, etc.

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The white wall

The White Wall is the exhibition project of Espacio 88, which serves as a platform to publicize emerging artists. Each month a different artist exhibits his work that coexists with the regular activity of the warehouse.


In our approach, we value simplicity and austerity over excessive ornamentation. We are interested in style as a relationship between idea and form, aiming for harmony in every project we undertake. We understand architecture in its entirety, from the grandeur of a building to the smallest detail of a door frame.


Castel Estudio is a renowned firm specializing in the creation of concepts for major retail chains. 25+ years’ experience, 1500+ global stores. Combining creativity, strategy, market knowledge for success. Focused on immersive brand experiences, tailored solutions. Pushing boundaries, setting new standards.


Our goal is to achieve the best architecture we are capable of. We focus on exceeding expectations and providing our clients with spaces that deliver exceptional experiences. We are passionate about architectural design that endures over time, adapts to changing needs, and creates a meaningful impact on daily life.


The Castel Estudio team comprises skilled architects and designers with a passion for architectural rigor, elegance, and functionality. We offer services in industrial design, graphic design, visual merchandising, and furniture design, ensuring success in commercial spaces. Through collaboration and innovation, we tailor solutions to each client’s needs, taking pride in our attention to detail. Our commitment to excellence and staying updated with industry trends allows us to provide contemporary and unique commercial spaces that exceed expectations.


At our core, sustainability is of utmost importance as we adopt a long-term perspective to deliver functional solutions that place resource optimization at the forefront of our considerations.