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History in sight

Located in the historic center of Mexico City, the store spans three floors housing different sections of the brand. The building, constructed in the early 19th century, boasts interiors of high quality and is part of the city's protected heritage of historic buildings.
The project has chosen to respect the existing interior architecture, cleaning it of previous interventions and exposing the textures of stones, volcanic lava, bricks, etc., used in the construction of the building's walls. During this process, a wonderful Mexican sculpture dating back 500 years was uncovered on one of the walls, which has been integrated into the store's project.


Nature and neutrality

The brand's new concept, Bershka Datum, features a sequence of perimeter cabinets with finishes in stone and galvanized sheet metal for the Bershka section, ceramic tiles for the BSK area, and OSB industrial board for the guys' section, creating frames for orderly displaying clothing collections and fostering a young and modern dialogue against the textures of stone and brick of the existing ancient architecture.
The project's intention has always been to create a neutral architecture that highlights the product and its colors. The entire store has been paved with a gray PVC sheet, without joints, allowing for continuity of space and enabling furniture, tables, displays, etc., to float on it.
Within this monochromatic space, areas such as the checkout, stairs, and fitting rooms have been emphasized with color to stand out within the space. Krion, a light green technical material, has been used for the checkout areas, red vinyl for vertical communications, and white ceramic tiles for the fitting room area.
The fitting rooms have been designed with a domestic and comfortable image in mind. Three cylinders enveloped in curtains, allowing them to be surrounded and perceived from the outside through the windows, create a new visual experience when discovered and entered.


Brightness and textures

Highlighting in the project is the vertical communication space of the store, which leads to the different sections and becomes the absolute focal point of the space. A large wooden box, 14 meters high, illuminated through a skylight and punctuated by two large oculi that emphasize the textures of the walls and house the stairs, gives the space a majestic and elegant appearance.
Closing off the space vertically, a circular sculpture of light has been designed, which, through images and communication messages, becomes an identity element of the store.
Finally, on the building's facade, existing openings have been maintained, prioritizing natural light indoors and placing brand communication signs within them.