History in sight

Located on one of the busiest streets in Paris, developed across two floors, it embodies the brand's new concept, Bershka Datum. The space, an intriguing historic building from the 19th century, has influenced the type of intervention carried out.
The store's facade, with a significant urban presence, has been treated as a large glass showcase. Circular blue vinyls emphasize the interior architecture of the store, turning it into an exterior display. A sequence of perimeter cabinets finished in galvanized sheet metal creates frames for orderly displaying collections, fostering a young and modern dialogue against the textures of stone and brick of the existing ancient architecture.


Attracting the consumer

The project's intention has always been to create a neutral space design, making the clothing and its colors the protagonists. On the ground floor, the sections for Bershka and BSK girls are located. A central piece of furniture in bright blue becomes the visual centerpiece of the space and guides the flow of movement. Its large size is noticeable from the exterior, serving as a commercial attraction.
The entire store has been paved with a gray PVC sheet, seamlessly, allowing for visual continuity in the space and enhancing the perception that furniture, tables, displays, etc., float upon it.


Materiality and textures

A wooden-clad escalator takes us to the lower floor, where the Man section, the checkout area, and the fitting rooms are located. The checkout counter, one of the project's emblematic elements, is designed as a large sculptural ingot, serving as an island that can be surrounded on all sides. It houses the personal service counters and self-checkout kiosks, designed to streamline the purchasing process.
Similar to the girls' section, color plays an important role in this area, particularly concentrated around the checkout area, constructed with a technical material called krion in a light green color, set atop a continuous PVC floor of the same hue.
The store's technology is another highlight, manifested in LED screens located at the checkout and various sales sections, defining the brand's identity elements and enhancing its dynamism through images and communication messages.
Another notable feature is the fitting room area. Being a crucial space for customers, it has been designed with a certain domestic ambiance in mind. Three cylinders draped with curtains, divided by walls of white ceramic tiles, create a new visual experience when customers discover and enter them.