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Modernity and tradition

Located on one of the busiest streets in the city, the store reflects the new concept developed by the brand. Situated in a historic building from the early 19th century, it has influenced the type of intervention carried out.



The store is divided into two floors, connected by an attractive staircase painted in bright red, where the brand's collections, Bershka, BSK, and MAN, are showcased. A sequence of perimeter cabinets made of phenolic material, combined with others made of recycled wood, create frames for neatly displaying clothes, fostering a modern and youthful dialogue with the existing old architecture. On the upper floor, there is the fitting room area and the BSK sections with ceramic display panels, and the MAN area with backlit cabinets that visually emphasize the collection.


Technology and innovation

As a novelty, the store features an experimental space -Custom Lab- distinguished by its lighting and materials, where customers can personalize their t-shirts with different designs. Another interesting element, designed to streamline the purchasing process, is the new checkout counter that incorporates self-checkout kiosks and, like an island, can be accessed from all sides.
Noteworthy is the store's technology, embodied in LED screens located at the checkout area and in various sales sections, defining the brand's identity elements and enhancing its dynamism through images and communication messages.
Finally, with a nod to the world of music and fashion, The Garden of Rockstars, an outdoor installation, surprising and mysterious, will create a visual experience as another element of the store's identity.