Ciudad de México

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Located in one of the city's most important shopping centers, the store reflects the new concept developed by the brand, Bershka Origin. It fully unleashes its potential across two floors, dividing the sections for guys and girls on each of them. The project's intention has always been to create a neutral envelope where the product and its colors are the focal points of the space. 


Nature and ecology

The current brand concept draws inspiration from nature. Ecology and sustainability have been important in defining the store's design. The use of a natural material like adobe, never before used in a commercial space and applied throughout the envelope, floor, ceiling, and walls, creates a strong visual impact and a sense of warmth as a backdrop to all clothing collections.
In contrast to this earthy material, the perimeter walls of the store and the central tables and racks are crafted with industrial materials such as galvanized sheets, laminated wood boards, recycled corks, concrete, etc., aiming to bring a sustainability component to the store's design.


Simplicity and design

The vertical furniture, racks, displays, etc., have been designed to be as lightweight and transparent as possible, using minimal structures in satin-finished steel to enhance product exposure. The tables used in the project, made from industrial concrete beams, aim to impart a brutalist character, present in the architectural structures of the premises, and break the traditional table scheme, providing a touch of originality and surprise with their design.
Two very important elements, the checkout counter and fitting rooms, define a large metallic corner located at the end of the store. The checkout counter, resembling a large ingot of recycled rubber, is positioned in front of the fitting rooms, whose helical and organic shape creates a new visual experience when the customer discovers it and enters.
The store's facade is an imposing sheet of glass that creates a double space between the two floors divided by a large concrete beam that gives identity to the brand. With this concept, where nature and technology merge in a new store, Bershka allows the customer to have a different commercial vision and be the absolute protagonist of the space, discovering new visual experiences along the way.