A revolutionary space with a new design concept

A revolutionary space with a new design concept. We have created a uniform base of neutrality using carefully selected materials, providing a perfect canvas to showcase contrasting brutalist elements that generate impactful contrasts. The lighting design, bold and meticulously crafted, adds structure and filters the ceiling, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere.



One of the challenges we faced was how to create a distinctive shopping experience that would engage our customers. We wanted to provide an intimate and exclusive setting while incorporating elements of mystery and discovery. Additionally, we needed to ensure efficient transactions at the checkout and returns area, while maintaining a visually striking focal point within the store.


Innovative Design Solutions

To address these challenges, we designed the fitting rooms as three blue cylinders located at the back of the store. This strategic placement not only offers privacy but also evokes a sense of curiosity and intrigue for customers. For the checkout, self-checkout, and returns area, we centralized these functions in a sleek steel space, optimizing functionality and creating a visually impactful zone. Furthermore, our choice of structural elements in the form of wedges allowed us to create dynamic spaces that house clothing racks, screens, and various materials, effectively highlighting our flagship products. Through these innovative solutions, we have successfully created an engaging and flexible shopping environment that caters to the preferences and lifestyle of our young and modern target audience.



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